Peugeot 7008 will be released in 2018

The chief executive of Peugeot Maxime Picat has commented circulating throughout last months in the Network on hearings about working on new large all road car model.

The head of the French brand in interview to magazine L’Automobile has confirmed the information on Peugeot plans to construct a seven-seater crossover. According to Maxime Picat, the car which, quite probably, will receive a digital designation and a name of 7008, will hit the dealers not earlier than 2018.

Rumors has it that in Peugeot 7008 basis the modular platform EMP2 will lay down, allowing to let out cars in various body variations and with various power and type of motors. A ruler of engines of a crossover will make 4 both 6-cylinder petrol and diesel motors in a range of power from 135 to 240 h.p. and a diesel engine-electric the unit. The car equipped DVS, will have a drive on a forward axis, the hybrid version of the car will receive system of a full drive.

Peugeot 7008 will be focused on the European countries at the beginning, also the price of this model is still unknown.

The car will construct on modular platform EMP2 of concern PSA of Peugeot of Citroen. She allows to construct the car of almost any size. From compact sedans, to minivans like Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. By the way, it is expected that the base of a new crossover will make 2 840 mm that on 10 mm more than at mentioned C4 Grand Picasso. The ruler of engines will include 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. Also, most likely, there will be also a hybrid power-plant. But not simple — it can be recharged from the household socket. Well, and as transmission new 8-step “automatic machine” is offered. Peugeot 7008 will be available in both – rear and all-wheel drive options, in five and seven available seats.

It not a unique crossover which should appear in Peugeot ruler in the foreseeable future. So the company plans to let out one more SUV under an index 6008. It is not difficult to assume that the car will be more compact than model 7008. It is supposed that Peugeot 6008 will make a competition even to bonus models, like Audi Q5 and BMW X3.

After a conclusion of new two crossovers at the French company high-grade ruler SUV from compact to the full-size is formed. We will remind, now in Peugeot there is a city crossover 2008, hybrid SUV and compact 3008, and also middle sized model 4008 constructed on the basis of Mitsubishi ASX.