Land Rover announced the prices of new Discovery Sport for European and USA markets

The manufacturer of Land Rover Discovery Sport announced the prices of the new SUV for the markets of Great Britain and the USA. To the British dealers the car will arrive in January with 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine SD4 which will have 190 h.p. at the price starting from £32 395. Base transmission for all-wheel drive SUV is six-step manual, as alternative to it nine-high-speed automatic transmission will be available. Later possibility to get cheaper version of the car with a diesel engine of 150 h.p. and a drive on a forward axis will be given to customers. The estimated cost of the base version of the car will be £30,000.

In the USA this awesome luxury seven-seater SUV will reach dealers in the beginning of the year also. The cost of the car will be $37,995 and it will be equipped with the 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 240 h.p., system of a full drive and nine-high-speed automatic transmission. The manufacturer has included automatic head optics, day running lights, gauges of a rain, an armchair In the list of base equipment with the combined upholstery, two zone climate control, a multimedia complex with the 8-inch touch screen and navigation, systems of stabilization of the car, systems to help at towage and parking with it.

Here is some more photos from the manufacturer:



If you like this luxury all wheel drive car, soon you will have that nice vehicle available in the dealerships.

The new crossover should replace popular model Freelander in a modelling number of Land Rover. Last, in turn, or sinks into oblivion, or the similar name receives subcompact SUV, when and if the similar model appears at Land Rover. According to British, in the name of Discovery Sport buyers receive more accessible version of luxury crossover Range Rover Evoque, and as a bonus — prestigious name Discovery. Let and with prefix Sport. New Discovery Sport became much larger Freelander and, unlike the last, received the seven-seater version with the extended wheelbase. In the standard version, however, the car has usual five-seater interior.

What engines at it will be?

At the beginning under a cowl at Discovery Sport there will be a turbo diesel known on present to Freelander in volume of 2.2 l in two variants of capacity: 150 and 190 h.p. But while it is the preliminary information – the company did not sound technical characteristics. The scale will include also petrol “four” Si4 in volume of 2.0 liters.

Later motor scale expand for the account new turbo charged diesel engine ED4 about which while British too did not utter words.