Buying A New Car

inside-dealershipWe bring to your attention some simple and at the same time effective recommendations, observing which, you can get the car and receive during its further operation the minimum quantity of unpleasant surprises.

When you were already preliminary defined with several variants of cars which seem the most suitable, it is necessary to study each of them carefully.

For this purpose it is necessary to waste time and do a bit of traveling on motor shows, to examine in details the planned cars, to pull handles, to try to combine/spread out sitting, to estimate a luggage space, to open a cowl. Thus do not hesitate to ask to the salesman in the dealership all arisen questions.

Also it is not necessary to neglect a test drive from the dealer.

Be not lazy, register in test drive of preliminary chosen model, – it will show, whether correctly you represent yourselves interested car in operation. And get into the car.
Cases when the person who has approached to a choice of a car carefully, not once or twice changed the preferences by results of test drive are frequent.

After such fruitful day or two evening on the Internet it is necessary to esteem thematic forums and a usual press: in it much all useful writes – from reviews and the test drives spent by experts to opinions of the real people who were owners preliminary chosen car throughout long time.

As a result the mark is chosen. Model – too. A car complete set it is necessary to think over houses, far from the manager of a motor show, to consult if necessary to other members of a family who will maintain the car. Accurately for it to solve, what additional options are really necessary. For the aid to you there are special services on which it is possible to find the detailed description of a base complete set, and also all additional options and the equipment with the prices and functionality.

Not last role in a choice between the several pleasant cars can play and money. Thus the price of the car is only the beginning.
There is still a transport tax which depends on capacity of the motor. We will not forget and about the insurance: regular or full.

Let’s try to estimate the size of other regular payments – maintenance service of the car and everything means that usually from it follows.
Servicing has some obligatory periodicity and in advance known minimum cost. The dealer by your inquiry should tell it in detail. Should represent these figures, therefore as the means spent for servicing will be a part of so-called cost of possession – an indicator which in all civilized world plays not last role at a car choice.

(Or diesel fuel) too it is possible to count the gasoline expense at desire. Thus it is not necessary too to trust indicators of the expense which are specified in the car operation manual. In a reality your new pupil, as a rule, appears more gluttonously…

We go to the dealer

It is good, if in your city more than one dealer of the necessary brand – then between them exists at least similarity of a competition. And they entice to themselves, usually, discounts or gifts. Here on the fan. Gifts can be different – from the complete set of rugs to the lifelong tank of gasoline. On our website you can request a quote on a car of your choice, dealers will contact you and you will save time.

Small cunning’s

Color very often necessary to you in the necessary complete set available does not appear. In this case to you suggest to bring an advance payment and to sign a certain agreement. Important it attentively to read before will sign. Sometimes there are fantastic nonsenses not in favor of the client. In practice the dealer quite often hides terms of delivery of the ordered copy. Also starts to offer either other color, or other complete set. Be not afraid to start talking in this case on a theme of indemnification of your sufferings: let there will be a leather salon without surcharge or the permit for two to Cuba.

If suddenly suitable copy is available it is for certain already larded dashboard – in them meaning of the life of the dealer and its basic earnings. The most widespread deck: music (if was not regular), the alarm system, park-tronic, protection of the pallet of the engine, etc.
The prices for the given stock equipment twice exceed a minimum, and the price-list on their installation is written off from quotations of works in a free space on МКС. Fondly to think that the official car dealer has well put all. All is put somehow and subsequently will deliver many efforts. And when the dealer says that “if you will put something not at us will lose a guarantee”, it is not necessary to take it to heart – here employees obviously dissemble.

Attentively examine a copy offered you. The car carried on an auto transporter, then from it unloaded and rolled on a motor show court yard. Could rumple or knock and there and then where it is necessary touch and to tint. It not so an unusual occurrence as it would be desirable to think. Moreover, happens that cars come and to the dealer any more in perfect tune.

It is necessary to pay attention and on odometer – how many there of run miles? Normally is when 10… 20 miles. And if, for example, 50 or more, it more, than strange.

Checkup presence of all put trifles: the instruction to the car, to its music, the service book, plugs-caps, anti-fire balloon and an emergency set. Happens so that the dealer even tries to sell regular mudguards to the client for separate, serious, money.

Remember that at the general low quality of pre-selling service after you will give money to motor show cash desk, interest to you and at all will die away. Therefore it is not necessary to hurry up.
Yes, it would be desirable to be praised immediately before friends, yes, it would be desirable to wash faster purchase, but… Money is money. Do not pay attention on “at us the working day comes to an end” or “cash desk in 15 minutes will close”.

It is good, when directly in motor show territory it is possible also the car on the account to put, and the insurance to issue. On this case do not forget to have at itself the necessary data on the members of household that also them at once to enter in the policy or policies.

If business occurs in the winter, and the dealer has not presented the complete set of winter wheels it is possible to buy at once them on a place under the inhuman price list. And it is possible to bring with itself in advance bought wheels and to change the shoes on a place. It is cheaper, than at once at the first crossroads to cripple a new thing.

By the way, about a crossroads: in a car tank, most likely, there will be only a pair of glasses of fuel. Therefore at first it is necessary to refuel on decent refueling, and already then to go to wash purchase. And certainly, delivering the new thing to a place, observe especially carefully traffic regulations.