Which one to pick? Brand New vs Used Second-Hand

This year, as well as many other things, began with a rhythmical rise in price of new cars. Almost all brands hastened to copy price lists because of falling exchange rate of dollar vs euro, if we are looking at European car brands. We want to dig deeper to this subject, instead of whether there will be more favorably in the given conditions a purchase of the second-hand used car in comparison with brand new one for the same amount of money?

Brand new vs used car

Safety As A Factor of Brand New Car

According to the chief of a sales department of the Suzuki dealership center James Kaminski, it is not necessary to put in to consideration the new car and a used one. Even if to present that the vehicle was maintained in very sparing conditions and the owner always watched closely its technical condition. The car which were in the use, all the same will not have that safety factor which will be offered by the brand new one.

Buying the new car, you also have an opportunity to take the credit for attractive conditions and guarantee certificates of the manufacturer. Besides always there is a small probability, what even the best preliminary treatment does not reveal all problems of the car with run.

On the other hand, according to Laura Kaminski, the secondary market looks attractive to people who not simply want to save, and simply have no means for car acquisition in a necessary complete set. For example, having sufficient financial possibilities on purchase of only base version of model, the potential buyer can in the secondary market for the same money buy the car of two-three-year prescription, but in top versions. Besides, second-hand a car it is possible to reflect on purchases by that who would like to change on the car a class above.

Trade-In As The Compromise

James notices that a certain compromise variant of with car purchase, before handed over on option of Trade-in in this case looks. Such cars are offered with a guarantee, let and not so long, as new.

Todd Bradstorm, the manager of department Trade-in of Open Company “Car4Everyone” which are the official dealer of marks of Audi, Toyota, SEAT, is assured that three-five-years periods in a condition close to ideal, practically are not present. There are models with a full bouquet of problems, but the great bulk of cars is in a satisfactory technical condition. Anyway the alternative in reliability to the new car does not exist. As the guarantee on it is hardly probable not the most important factor at car purchase.

According to Todd Bradstorm, if to buy the car privately it is desirable to consider those offers where the warranty period yet did not end. Thus at you possibility within several months will check up the car and in case of display of serious problems to address in guarantee service.

Todd also is assured that at purchase of the “secondary” car it is necessary to address to dealers and to consider the variants offered by department Trade-in. Unlike the cars sold by private persons, showrooms check cars before sale and spend necessary preselling preparation. Besides dealers either refuses to accept cars being in a deplorable state, or carry obligatory out repairs.

All depends not on the car, but from the owner

According to Lance Ortender, the choice between “new” and “second-hand” first of all depends not on the concrete car, and from the buyer. If it possesses knowledge of the technical device of the car and can independently diagnose and eliminate problems (or it has a good acquaintance that is ready to do it) it can get the car which was in the use. However if you do not know how to define a technical condition of a second-hand car it is not necessary even to try to consider such variant of purchase. The risk is too great to run into a deceit or to get frankly poor-quality car.

The novel of Todd, is assured that purchase of the new car can become very much time consuming process. For example, if on the new car there are no means, the buyer often addresses for extra means to banks. And it automatically conducts and to an overpayment of credit percent, and to annual purchase of the full coverage insurance, managing time in a round sum. Especially at the small experience of driving, actual usage of the car. And after all on the same car in slightly used condition available funds can quite suffice.

Alex Tobalt, editor and writer of many cars blog, considers that purchase of any car is a lottery. But in a case with the new car the quantity of advantageous tickets is considerable above. The people who are professionally engaged in buying up and the subsequent sale of second-hand cars perfectly know how to distinguish car lacks, how many it is necessary to correct them and how many it is possible to earn at resale.

For all the others purchase second-hand used car is a risk, to reduce which it is possible, only putting a maximum of efforts, means and time for the analysis of a condition of the car. To buy the qualitative new car is much easier if to address to the official dealer. Yes, it is more expensive, and, alas, the probability to be deceived is available here again. But, according to Mr. Tobalt, chances to buy the poor-quality car at the private seller and to meet at the fair seller an excellent second-hand car at the worthy price approximately are equal.

Decision Making

As the conclusion, we sum up: from the point of view of capital investment, purchase of the second-hand car is much more favorable, than the new car. However second-hand the car is connected with acquisition so many risks what make successful purchase in the secondary market the skilled person in this business can only. Purchase of the second-hand car from among Trade-in looks a certain compromise as remains both a guarantee, and the price at close level to the secondary market. But it is not necessary to believe that in all dealer centers it is possible to buy exclusively qualitative and reliable second-hand cars.

To prefer the new car we advised to for whom to be assured more important, than to save. And – that is important! – to whom the standard of well-being allows to pay for this confidence.